Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here 🥳

This isn’t your typical volunteer gig. Knowunity is your app and your community—and we need YOU to tell us how it’s done. The goal of an ambassador is to help make education more accessible by keeping the community helpful, healthy, and humorous, so be you, help others, and you'll be well on your way to making a meaningful impact 🫶

Program Overview

Through the Knowunity Ambassador Program, you can earn volunteer hours, merch, a letter of recommendation, and raise money for Teach for America.

Benefits and Rewards

We want to help YOU by awarding you all sorts of benefits and perks which might help you in college applications and in life generally. See the full list below!

Ways to Earn

Knowunity is your community where you do things your way. We want you to earn points in diverse ways that fit your style. Find the full list of ways to earn below!

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Applying is Easy.

This is a stress free space and the Knowunity Ambassador Program is all about helping YOU by supporting your academic goals. We’re on your side and we’re here working for YOU. To apply:

1️⃣  Download the Knowunity App here

2️⃣  Fill out your ambassador application here

⚠️  IMPORTANT: Make sure you carefully enter your Knowunity username. We’ll contact you with the email address linked to that username. If you enter your username wrong or the email address you used to sign up isn’t the correct one, we have no way to contact you!

4️⃣  Follow the instructions in the welcome message

💬  You should hear back from us in a day or two with a decision, but if you don’t, just send a message to us here and we’ll figure out what’s up!

What happens next?

That’s all! We’ll get back to you as soon as your application is confirmed. Once you’ve done the steps above and your application is approved, you’re an Ambassador and can start earning volunteer hours and beyond!